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What can be deposited

UTS research theses, Doctoral or Masters by Research. The thesis must be the final draft version officially approved by the University and must include all corrections. Honours theses will be considered for inclusion in consultation with your Faculty and Supervisor.

Copyright issues

Restrictions on access

The ideal situation is unrestricted, worldwide access.

However, it is acknowledged that occasionally access to a thesis needs to be restricted, wholly or in part, for varying periods. The options available are:

  • no restrictions - worldwide access (preferred)
  • restrict all access for a certain period, as set out in the Postgraduate Rules (as with printed UTS theses, this period is normally two years at most). 
  • certain sections of a thesis can be completely restricted (for reasons of copyright, libel, etc) while others can be accessible either on-campus only or worldwide

If you wish to place a particular restriction on the access to your thesis, you will need to discuss this with both your supervisor and the UTS: Graduate Research School first. Once you have permission, let us know what these restrictions are when you submit your thesis.

PDF Security settings

If you are submitting your thesis in PDF format, please do so without any security settings in place. This will ensure the long term preservation of your work.

More information about thesis submission is available on the UTS: Research Students pages (requires UTS login).

For information on how to format your thesis (spacing, margins etc) - you can refer to the Thesis Presentation and Submission page (requires UTS login). There is also a formatting document for Science theses  .

If you need assistance with your thesis, go to the Help section.


This study is a critical documentation and investigation into the production of a set of digital film artworks installed in the College of Fine Arts gallery as the culmination of the Master of Art (Film, Video, Sound, and Computing), Media Arts. The digital film artworks are comprised of : (i) Worship Sculpture Dance: Odissi : Movements in Stone, the imaging an ancient devotional classical Indian dance form Odissi, from the state of Orissa, India; (ii) Zang Tumb Tumb 1, inspired by the Futurist sound poetry of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, and the Luigi Russolo and The Art of Noise; (iii) A Few Small Snaps, the digital animation of a series of autobiographical self-portraits stimulated by a study of the Mexican self-portrait painting of Frida Kahlo; and  (iv) Strange Cities2 an interactive CD-Rom new media script. Strange Cities script (writing) has been included to the Worship Sculpture Dance study as blueprint for potential future research and development.  The aim of this creative research has been to focus on new technology as a contribution to a questioning of traditional (analogue) modes of art production. The approach has been to explore & image traditional classical Indian forms of representation (dance, choreography, and music culture) and to re-interpret and translate these ancient  forms  as a new form of engagement.  At the same time, the objective of this creative research has been interrogate transforming notions of the filmic, televisual, radio(audio)phonic, sonic  and the (digital) computer medium, and to investigate questions of authorship and to challenge the uniqueness of the art object. This creative work is the outcome of conceptual and art historical research, focusing on the potential of an articulation of the philosophical, historical, cultural, formal and spiritual in a digital (computer) landscape.

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