Greyson Chances Favorite Shoes Essay

PT Barnum would have been a terror on Youtube –I’m certainly sobered to see what fools America every time. Is sudden-tween-throb Greyson Chance’s talent for real? Too soon to say. But the 6th grade sound man at Cheyenne School of Edmond, Oklahoma has unlikely genius. * What’s hard to believe about doctors bandaging Bret Michaels’ massive brain hemorrhage with his signature headband? * And my favorite, Oprah Winfrey recording a show performance with her cellphone to attest to her surprise at “the coolest thing ever!”

It happened ages ago (in blog-years) but television talk shows bind these three example together. Do you remember Oprah’s anniversary whatsit, taped like a big tailgate party in downtown Chicago? Oprah stood there on the outdoor stage beside the Black Eyed Peas and held her cellphone up, aimed at the audience, as if the dozen or more cameras on cranes, wires and rails weren’t going to be enough. And the crowd erupted in spontaneous dance, although it was choreographed, and a concept swiped from a European video. But Oprah’s deal went viral because, OMG would you believe it, and there was Oprah, OMG’ding herself, careful to record it to show her friends in case they wouldn’t have believe her, or watched the show.

Now how many of you believe the media diva even has her own phone, much less carries it or knows how it works?

Christmas may be quickly approaching, but Chance the Rapper has always been in the giving mood. From announcing his plans to donate $1 million to Chicago schools to donating his Grammy Awards to his hometown's museum, Chance continues to give back to his community. On Monday night, Chance held his organization's monthly event, OpenMike, and gifted attendees with some early Christmas presents.

The OpenMike event was created in honor of Chance's mentor Mike Hawkins, who died three years ago. To celebrate Hawkins' influence on Chicago youth, Chance made it a point to make this month's event especially memorable. With the help of Nike, Chance gifted the OpenMike attendees each with a pair of Jordan Retro 11s -- which won't even be released until Saturday and retail for a cool $220.

In a fan-shot video posted to Twitter, Chance was onstage in Cindy Pritzker Auditorium with a sneaker box in hand as the crowd erupted with screams and applause. A slew of OpenMike attendees took to Twitter to thank Chance and the Social Works organization for the gifts. "Thank you @chancetherapper @Jumpman23@SocialWorks_Chi and everyone else who had a part," one user wrote. "I have never had a pair of Jordans before and I’m so thankful.... this is great."

Earlier Tuesday (Dec. 5), Chance expressed his gratitude to Chicago and the Social Works team for making the special event  "one of its best nights yet.” He continued: “Thanks to @Korporate00 for speaking and thanks to Jordan for bringing 300 pairs of unreleased 11s for the young creatives. Until next year… POWER TO THE PEOPLE…”

Aside from his social work, Chance is currently readying his joint Christmas album with fellow Chicagoan Jeremih, Merry Christmas Lil' Mama.

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