Extra Credit Assignments For 6th Grade Science

                                              Extra Credit Projects (worth 10 points each)




Steps for doing extra credit.

1. Create a new Google doc and title it "Extra Credit #..."

2. Share it with me ( kmh15@scasd.org ). Make sure you send an email notifying me that you have shared it with me or I will not know that you have completed extra credit.




Project #1

Find two current health related articles that you find interesting. List the name of the source, and the date for each article. Tell me what you learned from each article (minimum of five sentences each). Use complete sentences.

Project #2

Write a one page essay about why you think our ability to make choices is the thing that has the greatest impact on our health.

Project #3

Write a one page essay about something you learned during the Mental & Emotional Wellness unit. Tell me why you think the information will have a positive impact on your life.

Project #4

Check out the web site listed below. Tell me ten facts you learned while exploring the site. Also write at least one thought/reflection/reaction of your own for each fact. Use complete sentences.


Project #5

Write a poem, story, or song about the dangers of alcohol, or the negative impact alcohol abuse has on our society.

Project #6

Learn more about Alateen. Write a one page essay about what you learned.

Project #7

Use the links listed below to learn more about the following sexually transmitted diseases (std's): chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Explain how common each disease is, what the signs and symptoms are, what complications can occur, and how to treat them. Use complete sentences.


Genital Herpes

Template for this project

Afteropening the template please make a copy of it and follow the instructions at the top of this page for submitting your work.

Project #8

Check out the web site listed below. Use the "Your Disease Risk" section at the top, left part of the page to evaluate YOUR risk of developing 2 different diseases. For this assignment you need to go through and answer the questions for each disease, and then tell me 1. what your risk of having that particular disease is, 2. some things you could do better to prevent yourself from getting it, and 3. some things you're already doing that lower your risk.




Template for this project


Afteropening the template please make a copy of it and follow the instructions at the top of this page for submitting your work.




Enrichment activities  (Extra Credit)


Students may choose to do additional  research assignments in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade technology education classes.


In Manufacturing Engineering and Construction, many students will choose additional manufacturing projects or advanced level designs to improve their grade and learn more about technology.


 In Engineering and Design students can do advanced graphic and 3D projects for enrichment activities.


In Exploring Technology (ET) 

Students have the option to complete any or all of the following activities to improve their grade in Technology Education: (extra credit activities)


SAVE PAPER!  Try to do these in Google Docs and share the documents with the instructor!


Make sure to attach an email to the shared document and PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND SECTION ON ALL DOCUMENTS


  • Safety Illustration (Safety poster)

         Safety Poster

The student will design a safety poster that relates to some technological area.


The Student will complete a technology collage about some area of technology that interests them. 11" x 17" size suggested (any type paper or cardboard acceptable) or develop a Google documentand cut and paste pictures if you wish


Write a one page, typed or hand written report about some new form of technology.          

The student can choose an article about any form of technology that interests them. They may research the article in magazines and on the Internet.


Collect 10 articles about new technology and paste them on paper in a collage format. the articles can be from the newspaper, magazines or the Internet.


The student may choose to perform a 1-3 minute oral report in front of the class. They may choose the subject from the Internet, or do a report on a new technical product that may have purchased.  They must have  prepared notes on the subject to hand into the instructor after the report, or share them via Google Docs


  • Prepared Presentation:  (GooglePowerPoint)

Students can create a slide show in Keynote or Power point, Google Docs or some other presentation format such as Open Office. They can save it to their folder on the server, then can then open the presentation in class to give a presentation to the teacher and class. The can also share a Google Docs with the instructor. The slide show should be a minimum of 5-8 slides with text and graphics.


 Students can create a video. On any area of technology they choose. They may use any format available to them. They can save it to their folder on the server or laptop, then can then open the video in class to present to the teacher and class. 



 You will select a famous, or not so famous person associated with technology. He/She could be an inventor or a scientist. You are tasked with preparing a one page WANTED Poster for this person. It will outline and showcase the technologist's contribution to the world. This can be done as a google document or create a poster and print it out to hand in to the instructor.



Go to this site and review the various inventors that are listed. Watch the video podcast about their inventions. Download the Stuff of Genius worksheet (word doc)  and fill out a questions for each podcast you watch. Receive an extra credit point for each podcast to review and answer on the worksheet. (This site is also a good place to find a technologist for the wanted poster)


 Stuff of genius pdf:


Stuff of G 




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