Journal Abbreviation Endangered Species Research Papers

The Journal for Nature Conservation addresses the concepts, methods and techniques for nature conservation via research on the scientific theory and applied practice of conservation. This international and interdisciplinary journal offers a forum for the dissemination of nature conservation knowledge and innovative approaches relevant to the global conservation community. In particular, the journal encourages cooperation between scientists and practitioners, including the integration of biodiversity issues with social and economic concepts. Therefore, review and research papers, conceptual, technical and methodological papers, as well as short communications are welcomed from a wide range of disciplines, including theoretical ecology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, ecological modelling, and others, provided that there is a clear connection and immediate relevance to nature conservation.

Manuscripts without any immediate conservation context, such as inventories, distribution modelling, genetic studies, animal behaviour, plant physiology, will not be considered for this journal; though such data may be useful for conservationists and managers in the future, this is outside of the current scope of the journal.

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  • publishes accepted manuscripts without delay
  • guarantees rapid world-wide visibility
  • is directed by a large number of renowned editors
  • has a large number of acknowledged experts for reviewing and quality-improving manuscripts
  • is assisted by an experienced team of copy-editors and typesetters


Open Access

As from Vol. 26 (2015) ESR is published entirely Open Access using the Creative Commons by Attribution (CC-BY) Licence.  For more information on Open Access fees click here.


Publication schedule

2018: 3 volumes, 35 to 37 


Most recent issue: Vol. 35

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ESR is published online-only (from Vol 29). Volumes are built progressively, with articles appearing individually as soon as editorial modifications are approved by the authors and without waiting for an issue to be full. Production time is thus kept short. 


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