Amp Group Insurance Personal Statement Form

The following are the key features of our group life cover.

BenefitBenefit description
Entry age15th to 70th birthday (death) and 15th to 65th birthday (total and permanent disablement (TPD)).
Maximum expiry age80th birthday (death and TPD).
Maximum benefit ageUnlimited(i) (death) and $5 million(ii) (TPD).
Death benefitProvides a benefit payment in the event of death.
Terminal illness benefitWe will make an advance payment of the death benefit if a person insured is terminally ill and has less than 12 months to live.
Extended coverProvides cover up to 60 days where a person leaves employment with the employer and ceases to be eligible for cover under the policy.
Interim coverProvides cover where a person insured or an eligible person who has not yet been accepted for cover is being underwritten. Cover limits apply. 
Guaranteed renewable contractWe guarantee to renew the policy each year, provided the premiums are paid and the terms and conditions of the policy are met.
24-hour worldwide coverCover for a person insured is provided 24 hours a day depending on the circumstances of overseas travel.
Optional benefit Benefit description
TPD benefitProvides a benefit if a person insured becomes totally and permanently disabled from employment.
Life events coverAllows persons insured to increase their benefit without underwriting when the following events take place—marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, taking out a mortgage on a primary residence for renovations/extension or a child turning 12.
Continuation optionAllows persons insured who leave employment and cease to be eligible for cover under a group insurance policy to continue their cover under an individual insurance plan.

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(i) Subject to automatic acceptance and underwriting terms

(ii) A maximum benefit amount of $3 million may be paid when a person insured satisfies part (a) Unlikely to work, as per the TPD definition. When the benefit is greater than $3 million, the amount in excess of $3 million may only be paid when the person insured satisfies parts (b) Specific Loss or (c) Future Care, of the TPD definition. The TPD sum insured may be reduced from ages 60 to 70. See Reduction of TPD benefits in our PDS for more details. From the 65th birthday of the person insured, the maximum TPD benefit is $3 million. From the 70th birthday of the person insured, the maximum TPD benefit is $250,000, and it will only be paid when the person insured satisfies parts (b) or (c) of the TPD definition. Subject to automatic acceptance and underwriting terms.

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